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Medusa Studio


jairo Pereira & Dani Nega

Single - 27/11/2020

"A Corte Vai Cair" touches a raw nerve of a Brazil that promotes the myth of racial democracy, making black bodies and realities invisible, in a context of negligence, abandonment and violence. On this track, Jairo Pereira shares vocals and lyrics with Dani Nega, who is also a rapper and actress and has already been awarded the best electronic album by the Prêmio da Música Brasileira.  


After releasing two original songs’ albums, “MutuM” and “Venha ver o Sol”, the artist, with this single, focuses on rap, his mother language, which he learned as a boy, having as reference artists such as Thaíde and DJ Hum, Racionais MC's , NWA, Public Enemy, DMN, MV Bill among others. Jairo is an avowed admirer of the national rap that was produced in the 1990s and makes a point of showing this in his metrics. 


 In "A Corte Vai Cair", what could only be a dystopian scenario is unfortunately the current reality, the result of a proto-fascist State, where the economical elite fights for the leadership of the country and the oppressed raise their voices and protests against barbarism. The song, produced by Gabriel Catanzaro and Janja Gomes and released by Estúdio Medusa Label, also highlights the percussion of Cuban Pedro Bandera, almost in a calling for war in surch for better days. The track ends with a speech by State Congresswoman Erica Malunguinho who, in a sharp way, translates the intention of the song.  

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