record label,
booker & studio

Estúdio Medusa is located in São Paulo, Brazil and has a representative in Portugal since 2018.

We started operating as Label and Publisher in 2017.  As we already had the studio, starting a Record Label was a natural step we took in 2021.

We are currently in charge of booking/concerts of five artists.


In the studio area, we offer a complete structure for lives’ broadcast, rehearsals, recordings, voiceovers, music production, mixing and mastering. The rehearsal room has high quality standard equipment and a piano.

Estúdio Medusa is located in a backyard shaded by a huge mango tree, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Medusa team

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Evandro Lutfi 

Manager, booking/concerts and projects


Janja Gomes

Sound engineer, responsible for the record label


Gabriel Catanzaro

Music producer, responsible for the studio and PR

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Christine Avedikian

Commercial/Booking and projects


Vasco Veloso 

Medusa Portugal.   Responsável pela gravadora na Europa.