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Jairo Pereira

Singer, Composer and Poet

In the musical career since 1994, Jairo Pereira is one of the founders and lead vocals of the band Aláfia. In 2015, his solo musical work was born from his multiple artistic experiences.

After the “break” created by the pandemic, Jairo Pereira released in August 2022 the visual album Monocromático, as a result of times of isolation and his intense reflections. The album makes a return to its musical roots, through rap as a space to express affection. In shades of the colour palette of his skin, which feels racism, fear and oppression, Jairo transforms everything into music, poetry and an antidote for present times, with lyrics that also speak of love and hope.


His first album, “MutuM”, was released in 2017 and the second, “Venha Ver o Sol”, in 2019. With this project he has been performing in the main nightclubs in São Paulo and on the SESC network inside and outside the state capital, alongside presentations in  festivals, such as Virada Sustentável and DiverCidade.


The lyrics address societal themes and priorities such as: social justice, religion tolerance, fight against racism, inclusion, love and contemporary relationships. His music is a mixture of Rap, MPB, black music and spoken word.


In his words, Jairo Pereira's “artivism” “follows the line of the Griôs, flowing in the orality that accompanies each verse, each melody of the poetry played. It raves against racism, singing our beauties, sorrows and contradictions, declaiming paths of love and healing, bringing battles and flags to the stage".


Jairo presents a provocative, energetic and transformative concert, marked by close interaction with the audience.

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