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felipe el

Single - 21/05/2121

The song is the only Brazilian production among the top 10 of an international competition. 


In times of pandemic, which opens up once and for all the perverse inequality between social classes naturalized by the structures and institutions of the State, the singer and composer Felipe El released, on May 2020, “Sistema” — a fervent protest against social and economic imbalance deepened by endemic corruption. The videoclip for the song was among the 10 finalists of the Fair Play Anti-Corruption Music Competiton promoted by the IACC (International Anti-Corruption Conference), which took place in 2020, in South Korea. The event encouraged young composers from around the world to talk about corruption. 


There is an urgent and constant need to elucidate the Brazilian music consumer public about political and social issues”, points out Felipe El. The strong speech is accompanied by a bold, innovative and plural rap, another fruit of the experimentation by the artist who in this track is accompanied by Fábio Leandro (keyboard), Filipe Gomes (drums) and Larissa Braga (percussion). The arrangement of “Sistema” is a synthesis of the "Afro-Cuban" references that represent a whole generation of musicians since the 2000s. 

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