sexy y blondie

Latin-American Afro Pop



The duo of Brazilian singers Marina Afares and Victor Cali are preparing their first EP, to be released in early 2022. Produced by Arielly Porto and Leandro Canhete, it is a 5-track album full of chaos and lust!

The “Sexy y Blondie” concert tells the story of a very caliente couple, who get involved at a party in a favela just before the start of the pandemic.

The duo flirts with the multiplicity and plasticity of Brazilian and Latin music, working with samples, organics, beats and vocal arrangements, resulting in a Latin American afro pop, trap and MPB sound performed in a love-song vibe.  

“Sexy y Agotados” is the work's launching single; it questions the country’s government positioning in relation to the health crisis. The track makes reference to Colombian costeña’s musicality in a dancing and provocative way.

ዐፋር or Afares, in Portuguese, is a word of Ethiopian origin that represents the largest ethnic trunk in the region of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti; its meaning: 1. the one who does, 2. the best. “Dissolveu”, the title-song of Marina Afares’ first EP, was awarded the best national song by the Nova Era Festival (2020).

A bachelor in performing arts, Marina has accumulated more than 20 years of musical studies ranging through classical piano, flutes, electric bass, classical and popular singing. She also has more than 10 years of experience with Brazilian black traditions: jongos, cocos, maracatus, sambas de roda, bumba-meu-boi and others, always singing, dancing and/or playing.

Victor Cali is a singer, songwriter, producer and performer. Gifted with a versatile, enchanting and calm voice. His compositions are sensitive poetry, with metrics that border and mix different genres and rhythms such as Rap, MPB, Blues, Rock and Jazz. Cali is also an audiovisual producer, regularly directing his own videoclips and the ones of other partners.

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