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Medusa Studio


Kyekyeku & Luedji Luna

Single - 13/03/2023

Saravá is a collaboration between Ghanaian guitarist and singer Kyekyeku and brazilian singer and composer Luedji Luna. The track explores the historical and cultural ties between Ghana and Brazil, in the form of a powerful afrobeat, also featuring Brazilian and Ghanaian musicians. The lyrics make reference to the Tabon and their influence on Ghanaian culture. One of the communities of Africans returned from Bahia to Africa after the Malês revolt in 1835, the Tabon settled in the Jamestown neighborhood of Accra and ended up being admitted as part of the clans of the Ga people (pronounced Gã). 


Produced by Kyekyeku and Janja Gomes from Estúdio Medusa, the track features Ghanaians Benjamin Amui on trumpet and Jonathan Bimpong on trombone. On the other side of the Atlantic, Bruno Marques (Josyara) on drums, Maurício Badé (Mestre Ambrósio) on percussions and Marcelo Mariano (Djavan) on bass. With this powerfull team, Kyekyeku and Luedji show in Saravá that music can be a powerful vehicle to celebrate, preserve and spread cultural traditions, while promoting dialogue and building bridges between different peoples and nations. 

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