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Medusa Studio


João Parahyba

Single - 10/20/2021

Composed by master João Parahyba , Kurukere is a Latin flavored theme with strong influence from João Donato. Released in 2011 on the album O Samba no balance do Jazz (SESC Seal), João now brings his version to the trio, a formation that has been performing since 2018. Protagonists of a unique musical complicity, Parahyba, Marcelo Mariano and Marcos Romera join their renowned luggage as instrumentalists to forge modern and creative interpretations, in addition to the samba jazz from which the trio starts.  With a lot of balance and subtlety, this version was recorded live at Estúdio Medusa, during filming for his PROAC LAB project in early 2021. 

The name of the theme comes from Curuquerê, the indigenous name for a caterpillar that loves to eat some leaves in the fields around. 

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