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Distributor: Tratore



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Medusa Studio

JUízo final

Comanche's groove band

João Parahyba's Comanche's Groove Band rocks on its first release, with the special featuring of Lino Krizz on vocals, bringing the classic by Nelson Cavaquinho and Elcio Soares to the universe of Tim Maia and Cassiano, all that with a fine horns arrangement by Rubinho Antunes and the scratches by DJ Mista Luba. The track also features Fábio Leandro (keyboards) and Vinicius Chagas (sax) improvising in great style. And, in such angry and setback times, the lyrics take on new meanings: 


"The sun shall shine once more, the light shall reach the hearts..." 


João Parahyba returns to his origins to reach the future with Comanche’s Groove Band. In this project, in partnership with his son, producer Janja Gomes, Comanche (nickname given to Parahyba by Jorge Ben Jor in the 1970s) brings together his grooves arsenal to create swinging versions of Brazilian and world hits. Parahyba and Janja mix elements from samba, soul and black music, with beats and scratches. Each song will be a separate story and will feature guest musicians and artists. With total freedom to create, what matters is to establish a dialogue between the past and the present, reinterpret and paying homage to the great names of the Brazilian and international music. 

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