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Felipe el

Singer and Composer

EL canta Moraes

Felipe El sings Moraes Moreira in a tribute concert to this great artist, who was one of the greatest and most creative composers in the country. His presence and music from the Novos Baianos, passing through and making history in the carnival of Dodô and Osmar, to the most diverse sound incursions that yielded several hits that have accompanied different generations to this day.

The show arises from the production of the album “EL CANTA MORAES” produced by Miguel Freitas and Felipe El to be released by Candyall Music, label of the Bahian visionary Carlinhos Brown. With three singles released with more than special guest appearances by Davi Moraes, Luiz Caldas and Clara Buarque, El is getting ready for the next one featuring Carlinhos Brown, foreshadowing the full album that will be released in the first half of 2023.

Through music, Felipe El, who played Moraes in the musical “Os Novos Baianos” - a musical production by Davi Moraes and Pedro Baby - tells us the story of Moraes Moreira, his relationship with the carnival in Bahia, the strong Pernambuco-Bahia cultural exchange that he represents, and of his wealth of compositions. The band is formed by Filipe Pascual (Xuli) on guitar, Fabio Leandro on keyboards and other musicians from the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro scene. Musical direction by

Felipe El.


about Felipe El: 

His first album, “Felipe El” (2013), features twelve tracks that explores Brazilian musicality with a pop and world music accent. In 2016, he released the single

“Re-lógica”, showing the new face of his work, and with this song he won the first song festival in which he participated, in Paraguaçu - MG, the “Marolo de Ouro” music festival.

In 2019, Felipe El had a foray that brought him great growth, both musically and artistically. Participated in the cast of the musical “Os Novos Baianos”, playing the great Brazilian composer Moraes Moreira.​

In May 2020, “System” was released— a fierce protest to the social and economic discrepancy deepened by endemic corruption. The music video for the song was among the 10 finalists of the Fair Play Anti-Corruption Music Competiton promoted by the IACC (International Anti-Corruption Conference), in South Korea.


In October 2021, he releases the EP “CORONÁRIO” , with six tracks that show the public the intimacy that the composer has with his instrument, sounding soft songs with deep meaning. It is an MPB voice and guitar album with influences from Moraes Moreira, Gilberto Gil and Djavan. His sweet and soft voice transports us to a pleasant atmosphere like a road trip by the seaside. It's a deep and beautiful album. Sweet and subtle. Those are songs that embrace people's souls. 

In 2022 he creates the “Baile do Moreira”, a party that stirs up the nights of São Paulo to the lullaby of songs that made the history of Brazilian popular music, through names like Novos Baianos, Moraes Moreira, among others.

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