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Medusa Studio


Felipe EL

EP - 25/10/2021

Felipe El brings to the world, in October 2021, his new project CORONÁRIO. With six tracks, all composed by him, this album shows to the audience the intimacy that the composer has with his instrument, sounding soft songs with deep meaning. These are songs that embrace people's souls. 

"I started recording CORONÁRIO at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. First came the song “Quarentenados” which tells the story of a couple who were separated when the social distancing measures started and could not be reunited for few months”. 

In addition to “Quarentenados”, CORONÁRIO brings another five songs that directly address the depths of loneliness, hopelessness and fears that were generated as a result of this turning point represented by the pandemic. It's a deep and beautiful record. Sweet and subtle.  

The title of the album keeps in itself divergent meanings, which, on the other hand, are related somehow. “The coronário chakra, which is in our head, represents our crown, the point of direct connection with the astral. For the Yoruba this chakra is the orí, where the fundamental questions for our personal and spiritual progress are kept”. Anyway, “the answer to our fears is in the head” says Felipe El about the title of his new work. 

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