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Medusa Studio

ain't no sunshine

João Parahyba & Comanche's Groove Band

Single - 26/10/2021

On his new track from the Comanche's Groove Band project, João Parahyba fuses Bill Withers, Roy Ayers and Trio Mocotó into a tasty mix of black music and Brazilian music and jazz. Led by the legendary percussionist and founder of Trio Mocotó, CGB reinterprets and pays homage to these 1970s black music icons with a select group of guests. Highlight for the participation of Maurício Badé (Mestre Ambrósio) in the percussions, Ubaldo Versolato (Banda Mantiqueira) in the solos of baritone sax and flute, Beto Montag in the vibraphone and the vocals of Lino Krizz and Marina Afares.

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