Sexy Y Blondie
Jairo Pereira - Se Liga!
Comanche's Groove Band - Ain't No Sunshine
Felipe EL - Coronário
João Parahyba Trio - Kurukere
Juízo Final - Comanche's Groove Band
Jairo Pereira - Venha Ver o Sol
Sistema - Felipe EL
Leoa Single
April Child - João Parahyba, Marcelo Mariano e Marcos Romera
A Corte Vai Cair
Mutum - Jairo Pereira

Record label, booking & studio

Estúdio Medusa began its journey in 2003 working with recordings and rehearsals. Today, in addition to offering all the studio-related services, such as lives, rehearsals, recordings, music production, mixing and mastering, Medusa acts also as a record label and booking agency for artists.

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Record Studio


A versatile space for audiovisual production. In addition to the structure for recordings, rehearsals and livestreamings.